Letting users know about the ad-free Subscription offering is an important step in engaging users. 

Customize messaging that promotes the service by heading to Setup > Subscriptions > Rules

Standard Options

Signup notice deployment: location and timing

1. Choose a position for the message - options include top of page, bottom of page, or an in-page pop-up.

2. Choose the timing for your message to display. The appeal to subscribe can be set to deploy at a chosen point - from after the user's first page view through after the user's tenth page view.

Text for Notice

Craft a message promoting the option to enjoy your site ad-free. Beneath the message preview, click "Customize Appearance" to select colors, fonts, and borders.

Advanced Options

Add a top/bottom margin (for top and bottom deployments)

Add space between the message and the top/bottom of page. Values entered = margin height in pixels.

Stop Showing Notice After

Set your message to stop appearing for given time intervals after it's been shown. Using the drop-downs, choose to stop showing the message after it's been shown to a given user X number of times, for Y (time frame). Once the time frame has passed, the process starts over. The user will see the message again following the same rule.

Lock Access After

You may choose to block your site content if a user does not subscribe. In effect, this feature can be used to enable a paywall for your website, by which users can only view content after X page views if subscribed, or after the waiting period you determine (Y) has passed.

Allow Close

When selected, users may close out of the Subscription message if it's been deployed

Blur Site Content Behind Notice

When selected, site content will be blurred in order to draw focus to the message

Show Subscription Status

For logged-in users, you may display a small indicator that ad-free access is enabled on all pages of the site

1. Enter text for the indicator (eg. "Ad-Free Enabled" or "Subscriber")

2. Choose a position (any corner of the site)